Recruitment Procedure

Recruitment Procedure

I. HR process

In order to meet the requirements from employers and provide the right candidates for the right jobs, we  deeply understand the importance of HR process . Thus we concentrated on building the active and efficient HR process with the purpose of providing the most satisfactory professional services for our clients.


Once the terms of engagement have been agreed, we source the Candidates through:

  • Our Vocational Training Systems and our sub-recruitment agencies in provinces
  • Our affiliated construction companies under Viet Nam Construction and Import-Export Corp (see their homepage :
  • Our Active Databank: VINAMEX JSC have deployed the thousands of  workers with various categories to different countries in the world so far. Thus our databank is available and qualified. This is the huge advantage of our agency comparing to other agencies in Viet Nam while sourcing the experienced workers for all industries.
  • Job Posting in Job portal: We post the requirements on our job portal and also have contractual access to some local leading premier jobsites such as: of Vietnam which also contain large database for all industries.
  • Advertising: The required categories are advertised on local newspapers, televisions and others public media in  which target to source the candidates as per the industry.

Personal Interview and Pre-Screening

Personal interviews are conducted by our technical recruitment managers based on  the job description provided by our clients. The Skilled, Semi-skilled categories are also subjected to a trade test as per their specialization.

Assessing and  making short-list for clients before the official trade test

Screening, assessment and short-listing of the candidates for final interview is carried out by our highly experienced managers. The overall grading of candidates in carried out base on their professional skills, previous experience, disciplines, personality and adaptability  for work environment. We will make the short list to present the clients before official trade test day.

II. Contractual Process

Right after receiving the inquiry by the client, we will discuss the related terms and conditions and then sign the manpower contract if the terms and conditions are agreed by both parties. We will conduct next steps as follows:

1. HR process

2. Testing /Interview

As per agreed schedule by clients, we gather the potential candidates to our training center. The candidates will be tested by the client’s representative to check the qualification of the employees. Arrangement for testing will be conducted by VINAMEX.

3. Medical checkup

After final selection we send the selected workers/ candidates for medical check up at the authorized medical centers by the respective embassies of the country of employment.

4. Further training

Employees who passed through testing or interview will be trained for further knowledge and skill to meet the standard qualification of specific categories.

5. Application for visa

Visa application will be submitted to the respective embassies of host countries on basis of block visas/working permission obtained by the employers.

6. Ticketing and Emigration

Employer may send PTA or remit necessary travelling expenses in favor of Manpower Supplier in order to facilitate travelling as scheduled. We will obtain Immigration Clearance from the concerned Government Department for the canditates.

7.Orientation before departure

Employees need to be provided basic orientation before travelling abroad. The workers are informed about their duties and responsibilities while abroad and a first hand information of working environment and living conditions in the host country as well as salient features of labor laws of the country of employment.

8. Oversea employment management

Coordinate with employers to solve and manage the workers during their contractual working duration.


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